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Rain Barrel

Purchase A NOLA Green Roots Rain Barrel

More and more gardeners and homeowners are realizing the benefits of harvesting rain water. The first benefit is that it's FREE. Yes, that's right. Mother Nature drops it off to us and she never leaves a bill.

Now that we have this free service, we need a way to capture it and what better way to do so than with a rain barrel. This is nothing new. Rain barrels have been around since ancient times.

Nowadays there are more reasons why we should harvest rain. One reason is that electricity & water prices are rising. Another is some ground water can be contaminated. Therefore, having another way to store water can be a lifesaver to you and your plants. Your plants and landscape will thank you in the long run for having an alternative water source.


  • Made from recycled food grade polyethylene
  • 50-gallon or 60-gallon capacity
  • Approximate weight is 20 lbs
  • UV protected for a long life

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